About Idea Nepal

Interior Designers Association of Nepal (IDEA Nepal) is a legitimate umbrella organization of Interior Designers in Nepal. IDEA Nepal was established in 01 Mangsir 2060 BS (17 November 2003). It is registered in Government of Nepal – Lalitpur District Office as a Non -Government Organization with registered no:  66/060/61 and is also registered in Lalitpur Metropolitan Office on 2075 Asar 27 (12 Jul 2019) with registration no: 1128/31 Tha . IDEA Nepal is a national level non-government and non -profit & purely professional organization of interior designers of Nepal. After an Annual General Meeting held on 18th Jestha 2076 (01 June 2019), IDEA Nepal is being revamped and is working in ground level to lift interior design industry in Nepal.


  • Promote “Interior Design”
  • Uphold Interior designing profession
  • Welfare of Interior Designers
  • Development of Interior Designers
  • Strengthen and enhance solidarity of Interior Designers across the country


  • To accommodate all the interior designers of country in roof of IDEA Nepal.
  • To be established as a renowned and respectful professional organization.
  • To be active partner of society and government in nation-building.


  • Enhance skills expertise of Interior Designers.
  • Protect the interest of interior designers.
  • Develop and enhance goodwill of Interior Designing profession.
  • Participate and contribute in nation-building.


  • Collaboration & team work
  • Professional Demeanour
  • Accountability
  • Learning & research attitude
  • Integrity & honesty



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