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18th AGM 2078

“Indeed Interior design is, directly and indirectly, related to organized living, people lifestyle, civilization as well as productivity of any workplace”
We successfully concluded the AGM of IDEA Nepal today. Thanks to of Honorable Ms. Raamkumaari Jhankri, Minister, Ministry of Urban Development and Planning for her graceful presence and kind words.
We are delighted to honor Mr. Rabindra Puri, a renowned designer for his contribution to the Nepalese Design sector. Thanks to popular artiest Mr. Mukesh Malla, FHAN President Mr. Surendra Bhai Shakya, Ms. Madhura Karki, Founder President of IDEA Nepal.
Big thanks to Mr. Keat Ong, President of – Asia Pacific Space Designers Association for his inspiring congratulatory message.
Thanks to Team IDEA and all the designers for making the program successful.
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