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AGM 2074/75

Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Interior Designers Association of Nepal (IDEA Nepal) was held on BS 2076 Jestha 18 Saturday (1st June 2019 AD) at Heera Party Palace, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal. The AGM was conducted in 2 sessions. In the first session, the meeting endorsed the report presented by Mr. Shyam Bahadur Shrestha, General Secretary and financial report presented by Ms. Kalpana Bhattachan, Treasurer.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Sanuraja Silpakar, President of IDEA Nepal. In the speech of Chief Guest, Ms. Madhura Karki emphasized on necessity of unification of Interior Designers. She advised that IDEA Nepal need to be stand as the partner organization of the state for nation building.  Interior Designers Ms. Nayana Joshi and Mr. Mukesh Maharjan delivered their speech of best wishes. The meeting unanimously elected new Executive Committee for a tenor of 3 years at its closed session. The newly elected 9 members  executive committee comprises office bearers Ms. Bindra Kachhapati Pradhan, President, Ms. Usha Rayamajhi, Vice President, Mr. Shyam Bahadur Shrestha, General Secretary, Ms. Kalpana Bhattachan, Treasurer & Ms. Prarthana Bhattarai, Secretary and Executive Committee members – Mr. Ram Gopal Maharjan, Ms. Biva Joshi, Ms. Rashmi Chitrakar and Mr. Sushil Shiwakoti.  Mr. Dharmaraj Shakya, Conveyor of the election program administrated the oath to all the elected members.

Outgoing president Mr. Sanuraja Silpakar congratulated newly elected executive committee and expressed his best wishes for successful tenor. In the note of thanks, on behalf of newly elected executive committee, President of IDEA Nepal Ms. Bindra Kachhapati Pradhan expressed the commitment on re-establishing IDEA Nepal and work for welfare, interest and development of Interior Designers. She also appealed all the interior designers of the country to get in the IDEA Nepal for solidarity among interior designers.

IDEA Nepal AGM-2076

AGM, Annual general meeting of IDEA Nepal was held on 04/02/2076 after a long time Gap. On this auspicious occasion Mrs. Dr. Mathura Karki as Chief Guest and

  1. Sanu Raja Shilpakar
  2. Dharma Raj Shakya

Were the other Distinguish guests.

Mrs. Shyam Bahadur Shrestha, General Secretary of IDEA Nepal presented IDEA Nepal activities as well as future plans. Similarly, Treasury Mrs. Kalpana Bhatthanchan presented financial reports and forthcoming financial plans for the fiscal year 2076/2077. More than 60 IDEA Members were presents in this AGM.

After the 1st session of AGM, 2nd session was held by Election. It is happened every three years for new Board Members.

The following interior designers were elected for new board members for different post.


  • Bindra Pradhan Kachhapati President
  • Usha Rayamajhi Vice President
  • Shyam Bahadur Shrestha General Secretary
  • Pranthana Bhattarai Secretary
  • Kalpana Bhattachan Treasury
  • Ram Gopal Tandukar Member
  • Sushil Siwakoti Member
  • Biva Jhoshi Member
  • Rashmi Chhitrakar Member
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