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Wellness is the most important aspect for our existence. Well-designed interior space is to promote wellbeing for the user. Though the professional interior designing is just over 100 years old, while decorating and amplifying the interiors were practiced since the ancient Egyptians, which was further advanced during the roman and Greek civilization. Today our interior designing practice is evolving with the existence of the crown.

Space, line, form, light, color, texture, pattern, balancing these 7 basic elements can result to desired interior designed space. Above this is the covid 19 that has to be considered for designing interior spaces.

Keeping in mind the designed interior spaces promotes wellbeing; the ambience has to be safe and tranquil.  Let’s talk about the safety factor first, few critical additions are encouraged like hand sanitizers, sanitizer booths at entry points. Restricting outdoor shoes into interior space can be a simple gesture to maintain the safe environment. Touchless practices encourage Smart gadgets, sensor fittings may it be doors, lights, bathroom fixtures. Though humans are social and prefer connection, contactless activities are strengthened.

Well ventilated interior spaces help to maintain this atmosphere, green plants with air purifying properties are increasingly used. Even electric air purifiers help a lot, but a good quality air purifier are not easy on the pocket. Air-conditioned interior space should have a fresh air circulation within a span of 3-4 hours intervals.

The interior surfaces are encouraged to be bacteria and virus free. Moist surfaces are discouraged as it helps in growth of these nasty creatures.

The line forms are suggested to be kept simple geometry and not choose busy lines and patterns. With the new evolving virus, people are already stressed, the soothing line forms should calm all senses.

A lot of natural light should be harnessed. This again builds for the positive psychology. With so much of negativity spreading about the crown, interior space has to cut off all the negative aspects.

Color palette is directed towards soft pastels, more organic colors. Color is the dopamine in interior design. Following the 60-30-10 thumb rule can never go wrong. For example, 60 % area with soft pastels, then 30 % with secondary color, and 10% with accent color. Color is not only about wall paint, here we are focusing on all visible interior surface, furniture, upholstery, rugs, accessories, etc.

With the crown, we are now looking for multi-functional spaces, homes with workspaces, offices with detox corners for meditation, kids’ rooms turned to e-schools

The crown seems to be directing us towards a greener organic space away from the artificial world. Happy space rejuvenates our being, and recharges our souls.

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