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blog img - Ritesh Shrestha,Imagination Studio,12-29-2021

Things to remember while working with 3D developing software

There is a saying “Designers have power to impact society.” The engineers, architects, designers and artists are more responsible to signify outlook of any community, society and nation. From showcasing our culture and tradition to maintaining the class and standard, creativity and art were always there. It has been present since the very beginning of our civilization. But now we gave a perfect recognition for this art known as Interior Designing.

Interior designing is a form of art and science. A group of creative people called interior designers are working hard to create new, innovative and trendy designs every day.  With growing technology and various software, it has been helpful to create and showcase designs. With all those 3D realistic renders and camera movements, design presentations have improved a lot better than past few years. Thanks to all those software and technologies.

But everything has its bright and dark side. Superior quality 3D renderings with help of software are probably a bright side in interior designing. It helped a lot in visual presentations making designer confident on there design and understandable to clients as well. But talking about its darker side, designers are so into the software and its pre-determined models of furniture and designs that they are fond of using those models frequently. Working on already available 3D models frequently might cause lacking of imagining capacity of designers. Mainly fresh designers are very fond of working on 3D modelling software. Those software work is so appealing that designers are losing their interest on basic law and rules of design. Designers are more into 3D design rather than 2D drawings, sketches and conceptual drawings. These all are the root of designing method which is necessary to follow. But now a days these basic things came on shadow which will lack designer’s skills. A flowering plant with a strong root will surely flourish for a longer period rather than a stem cut flower decorated inside a beautiful vase which lasts only for few days. So, let’s make our design base stronger and use software and technology to create our own imagination. Let’s not forget the basic norms, standards, principles and laws of designing as an interior designer. Afterall we, the designers carry responsibility to maintain standard of our community and nation.


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